wearemovingWhen planning an office move in the same building or moving to a new location, DUCK will keep your systems intact and your operations running smoothly, throughout the duration of the move project.

DUCK has the expertise to help you plan and execute the actual move

Relocation Planning & Implementation Management

  • Pre-relocation consultation
  • Professional relocation planning assistance
  • Specialist business re-locations staff and moving equipment
  • A proprietary , systematized, well documented, tracking of the complete process in every detail
  • Fully trained & uniformed staff
  •      High Risk Document Relocation,Sorting ,Packing And Indexing
  •     ECO-friendly Moving Boxes,
  • At DUCK, we pride ourselves on the way in which we prepare your belongings for transit. Our dedicated packing staff are highly trained and use only the best available packing materials.


  • Latest packing material technologies
  • Our range of packing materials is extensive, and includes specialised cartons as well as a complete range of wrapping materials. Fragile items such as china, glass and ornaments are individually wrapped in clean white paper, acid free tissue or bubble wrap and then packed in Eco boxes.Any item requiring specialist care such as fragile antiques, mirrors or marble will be packed in internal wooden crates measured to fit the item, to ensure maximum protection.
  • images (7) Trust us for efficient and on time office removalsOffice moving is a complex task; because the business needs to have as little down time as possible, not all equipment can be moved at the same time. In addition to correct timing, valuable office equipment such as computers and file storage units need to be handled delicately and with an appropriate regard for security.
  • DUCK Projects is the only relocation company with consultants that will work together with your projects managers to meet and manage your budget


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