Cleaning Facilities

images (24)A good Clean up Plan & Hygiene Management System will save time and money, as well as healthy office environment.

DUCK professionals are specialists in the field managing documents & offering hygiene solutions depending on the following factors:document-management-1

  • Size, in square feet, of the area to be cleaned
  • Layout of the facility
  • Number of employees
  • Construction materials (carpeting, tile, glass, etc.)
  • Location and position of furniture, equipment, appliances, etc.
  • Number of offices, restrooms, and fixtures to clean
  • Areas requiring special attention
  • Whether windows and window coverings are to be included
  • Availability and location of electrical outlets
  • Frequency of duties
  • Hours during which cleaning can take place

download (7)   Daily Cleaning Activities

Quarterly Valet Cleaning -These are services we offer as per our clients requirements ,Includes Outside building Wash ,Basement and Storeroom

Please contact us for advise and budget costing





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